Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter with Baby Blair

This Easter was a special one for us this year. I loved having our little one sort-of in the picture with us. The light was pretty icky, but we managed to get a few photos! Little lady sure is making my tummy big and uncomfortable, but we love her anyway. :) It's also great to have my sister around too! I'm not sure how we ever managed around here without her. (Don't ask me what I'll do when she graduates and leaves!) Anyway, here are some photos. Jonathan has had to get used to our photo-taking tradition, but he's a good sport.

And yes, we did all plan to match. We're cheesy like that. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

23 & 24 week update

Our little girl is a whopping pound and a half...or close to it these days! I can't believe she's getting so big. We still have a ways to go though! People are starting to notice my bump more, so that is fun! I've been able to tell for a very long time, but it's finally more round and popping out! I can't believe 6 months have already gone by! We cannot wait until she gets here! 

How big is baby: The size of an ear of corn | 24 Weeks 4 days

How I'm feeling: It's been another great 2 weeks. I'm a little tired after traveling quite a bit, but it's not a whole lot more than usual. I feel pretty huge these days, but I'm great other than that! :)

Weight gain/loss: 11 lbs. Still doing about 1 lb. per week. I guess that's pretty on track.

Maternity clothes: Not really. Dresses are what I live in these days. I did pick up a pair of maternity shorts from GAP, but they don't fit well. They are super baggy, but at least I have something that I can throw on to go to the store when its a million degrees outside. All my other things that fit are on the dressy side.

Stretch marksNope!

Sleep: Sleep is great these days. I haven't even woken up at all during the night...and I usually drink at least a glass or two of water before bed, so that seems pretty good to me!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I'm not having any cravings still. I do love super cold drinks, almost frozen chocolate milk and things like that. I had my glucose screening test Monday morning and was one point away from passing. I didn't really remember that I had it and treated myself to my favorite ice-cream places while I was traveling...for 3 nights in a row. It just so happened that those were the 3 nights before my test. Now I have to do the 3 hour glucose test. Bleh. Oh well. I'm hoping everything is ok for that one next week. 

Movement: Goodness! I definitely feel her move all the time! It's actually starting to get uncomfortable now. You can see her kicking and moving around when she's closer to the outside of my belly. I can also feel when she kicks whatever is in the opposite direction. It was so hard the other day that it was keeping me from falling asleep. I can only image what it will be like when she gets bigger! Eek! 

What I'm loving: I still love feeling her move, at least when it doesn't hurt. It's been fun to pick up a few more things for her little room. Pottery Barn Baby had the sweetest collection in her nursery color when I went the other day. I was so excited because I've been looking for the past month for sheets and such. It's coming along and it's so exciting! I cannot wait to get her furniture in her room so I can really do some decorating! :)

Symptoms: Nothing much. I haven't even had much back pain! (Knock on wood!) It's so nice to feel good these days!

Exercise: I did a lot better last week. I was back to running/walking and barre workouts. This week I traveled a lot more, so I haven't done quite as much. I'm still feeling strong, but I still want to try to work in some more strength exercises. 

What I'm looking forward to: I can't wait to make it to the last trimester. We're only a little over 3 weeks away! Crazy! We will actually have a big house warming party and cookout the day I hit 27 weeks! I didn't think about that until today. It will be like we're celebrating that too! :) A sweet friend of mine just found out she's pregnant as well. I'm looking forward to being on this journey together. It makes it easier when you're not alone in your boat!

Best moment of the week: I can't say there's one. It felt really great to do 2 consecutive shoots and still feel fine! The worst was locking my keys in my car at dusk (my first time) and not passing the glucose test. Oh well.

Mood: Pretty good I guess! I've had a lot going on lately, so that's been kind of draining. However, we're planning a mini staycation VERY soon. I'm sure that will bring the refreshment both of us need! Honestly, I've felt like being a recluse in our little house. Oddly enough I just want to clean and organize too. Maybe its because we love it here or we just really need some time off. I guess it could be that "nesting" thing people talk about too. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Little Jen or Little Jonathan?

I love thinking about what our little girl is going to look like when she arrives. I found a few old photos the other day and couldn't help but put them together. Jonathan and I definitely didn't look anything like each other as kids, so I'm very curious as to who she's favor more. Curly or straight hair? Brown or blue eyes? We'll find out in 17 1/2 weeks or less! I hope at least one of our babies (if we are blessed with more) has Jonathan's curly locks. He and his sister have the best hair! One thing is for sure, our little girl is lucky to have my man's genes. By his half alone, she's sure to come out cute! We can't wait!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

21 & 22 week update

Sorry for the strange coloring in this photo. I need to find a better room in our new house for these photos! Speaking of the new house, we are all moved and settled in! That's part of the reason I missed last week. We are so very happy to be in our new home. It is so beautiful and we feel so blessed! Little lady has grown a lot in the past 2 weeks as well. She now weighs a whole pound! I can tell she's bigger when she rolls around and kicks me. We can see her kicking and not just feel it now. It's such a strange and wonderful feeling.

How big is baby: The size of a spaghetti squash | 22 Weeks 5 days

How I'm feeling: I'm feeling great again this week. I was VERY tired last week, but I probably overdid things with packing and moving. I don't like not having my full energy. I'm not so great at taking breaks or relaxing, but I'm trying to get better at it. My back hurt quite a bit while painting and packing, but I feel like that's expected. It's much better now!

Weight gain/loss: 9 lbs. One pound a week doesn't seem so bad considering all I ate during the move! 

Maternity clothes: I'm finding that maternity clothes make me look HUGE compared to my normal ones. The only thing that works are my maternity pants. ( I think it's partially because they're really well-made.) Dresses are my friends. :)

Stretch marksNope!

Sleep: I'm still sleeping pretty well. Now that my tummy is bigger I wake up a time or two when I change sides. I don't feel like I need quite as much sleep as a few weeks ago, so that's nice.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I still don't have any sounds good all the time in general. I didn't do so great with eating healthy these past 2 weeks. It's a lot harder to make nutritious meals when your whole kitchen is packed away in boxes. Let's just say I ate a lot of Chick-fil-a. ;) I can definitely tell a difference in how I feel when I eat things that are healthy and when I don't. Now that the move is done, I'm back on the nutritious band wagon. Greek spinach salads are my current favorite...olives, artichoke hearts, hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some mozzarella. It's so yum!

Movement: Little girl moves ALL THE TIME. I read that she's only supposed to be awake for 6 hours a day, but it seems like more than that to me. She is kicking, punching and rolling around a lot more these days.

What I'm loving: I love being in our new house! It makes me so happy to think about how we'll be bringing our little one home here and raising a family. I walk in every room and imagine her in it. We can't wait until she's born!

Symptoms: Nothing really! I'm just bigger and hungrier! :)

Exercise: I tried to take thing pretty easy last week during the bulk of our packing, moving and painting. I knew I was already expending plenty of energy, so a brisk walk here and there was about all I managed. I'm back to running and barre again this week though. I'll take working out over painting or moving any day! 

What I'm looking forward to: FINALLY setting up the nursery. Jonathan says we should wait to buy anything much until after a few showers. We honestly need the gift cards, but I'm so impatient! We HAVE to buy a new car though. It's the tippy top of the list. All she has right now is curtains because I found them for a steal of a deal. Our little one could sleep in her basinet for a while, but that might kill me. I'm just praying that the Lord will provide for us and work things out. He has already blessed us so tremendously with this place, it's almost hart to ask for more! I've never felt like my cup has run over so much in my life. His grace is so rich. It brings me to tears to think about it all! We still have so many desires and things we are hurting over, but He has given all we need. We feel and see His hand of provision everywhere.

Best moment of the week: Moving into our new home! 

Mood: Overwhelmed with joy!