Wednesday, January 22, 2014

12 week update

How big is baby: Peach | 12 Weeks 5 days
How I'm feeling: Much better than the last two months. Morning sickness is finally easing up and I have my appetite back!
Weight gain/loss: I feel like it's a lot but so far the scale doesn't say anything different. Maybe 2 lbs.
Stretch marks: Nothing yet!
Sleep: It depends on the night. I feel the worst in the evenings, so I'm usually propped up on pillows and chewing some TUMS. Falling asleep isn't so great, but I stay asleep for the most part.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: None really. I'm just happy to want to eat again. Morning sickness was rough. I'm staring a meal plan in order to get a lot of nutrition for baby and it's going pretty well so far. Hopefully I can stay healthy throughout this journey.
Movement: I thought felt movement the other day, but I think it was just the symptoms of bloating. Ha! Hopefully I feel something unmistakable soon!
What I'm loving: Sleep and more sleep. I'm still a little tired, so I've been trying to get as much shut-eye as possible on slower weeks. I know things are about to get a lot busier, so I'm trying to take advantage of a slower pace these days.
Symptoms: Just bloating. I know, so fun. It's one thing I really hate, but eating small, snacky meals seems to help. Nothing else is a horrible bother right now. My clothes aren't really comfortable right now, but I'm trying to hold out for when I absolutely need to purchase maternity clothes. I also have a vendetta against pants right now. Things will get a little easier when the weather warms up. I have plenty of dresses, it's just been a little too cold to wear them. 
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the gender! I'm so impatient to know! I'm dying to start planning and buying anything! I'm glad it's only a few more weeks to wait!
Best moment of the week: Feeling more like myself again. Ah, I feel like a new woman! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Blair on Board!

I'm so excited to be starting this little blog devoted to our little one coming this Summer. I've been thinking about it for a while because I'd love to be able to keep a record of this journey, without overwhelming my photography blog with baby things people may not want to read. 

I'm so excited about this journey and I'm looking forward to being a mama. I've been feeling a lot better lately, I'm assuming because I'm finally into the second trimester. I started meal planning in order to get good nutrition and have been exercising a little more! (Yay!) I'm hoping now that I'm eating more than just mac-and-cheese I'll get a baby bump soon. We'll see! For now I'm in the awkward in-between stage where my regular clothes don't quite fit like they used to but I don't need maternity clothes yet. I think this is mainly because I have a lot of waist-highlighting items and they just aren't comfy any more!

Overall we've been feeling so elated (and a little bit terrified) that we are having a baby. Jonathan often looks at me, grabs by hand, smiles and says, "You know what? We're having a baby!" It's the sweetest thing. It still doesn't feel quite real yet. Still, I'm hoping to soak in every moment, thankful that this is even happening. I don't want to ever take life for granted, especially this little life.

PS: I'd love to know if you guys have any great recommendations for great pregnancy, new mom or parenting books! I'm guessing that I'll have more free time before the little one arrives than after. :) 

Photo credit | Lauren Kinsey