Tuesday, March 11, 2014

19 week update

It seems surreal that we are a 3 days shy of being half way to meeting our little miss! We had our big half-way ultrasound on Monday and I was shocked to see how much she's grown in less than 4 weeks. It seemed like she doubled in size, and apparently she'll double in size again in the next few weeks! They did say that she's behind for "normal" growth by about 4-5 days, but that some babies are small and other are big. They estimate that she will be on the smaller side because of my frame, but you never really know. She's certainly an active one though! She moved around for us all during the ultrasound. We saw the details of her sweet little feet kicking, her hands by her mouth and that little heart pumping away. I thought her nose looked small and a little pointy like mine. We saw a little of her in 3D but you couldn't make much out to me. I still can't believe that she will be coming home with us. It's hard to imagine that little one being in my arms. I feel too young for that still! I've always wanted this "one day" but never dreamed about actually holding my own little one. As strange as it may sounds, she doesn't feel like ours quite yet. I hope the Lord prepares my heart for motherhood because I can't really wrap my mind around it all.

Also, does it look like the bump is smaller than last week? I thought it "popped" and would stay, but apparently it still comes and goes. I also don't like wearing tight outfits, so the change from week to week probably isn't as noticeable. I never have shown off my silhouette so why start now right? I'm sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for that. I feel like i'm doing really well just to keep up with these entries every week!

How big is baby: The size of an heirloom tomato | 19 Weeks 4 days

How I'm feeling: I have felt wonderful this week. I must have entered the "honeymoon" phase. I'm glad of that fact because I need to pack up the whole house this week! We move in a week and a half! 

Weight gain/loss: 5 lbs. I feel huge but no one seems to think that but me. I never wore my waist belts so high, so I'm not sure if I'm bigger there or not. They've definitely moved a notch or two! My doctor assures me I'll be gaining plenty more these next few weeks. Baby girl is growing on track, so I'm not worried. Besides, like I said, I already feel enormous. 

Maternity clothes: Only this dress! You wouldn't think its maternity though, and it actually makes my bump look smaller than other non-maternity outfits! Strange!

Stretch marksNone still!

Sleep: Sleep feels like the most wonderful thing in the world. Since I feel like I need so much, I should probably go to bed a lot earlier...

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Food is still marvelous this week. Sunday I had a burger for lunch and pizza and ice cream for dinner. That didn't make me feel so great, but I never does. They say the baby will start tasting whatever I'm eating, so I want to make sure it's good, healthy food for the most part. 

Movement: Little girl is moving on a daily basis now. She is most active at night (that I'm aware of at least) just before I go to bed. It's easier to feel her when I lay down too. 

What I'm loving: I love feeling more pregnant these days! Sure, it's really strange when I look in the mirror but I love it nonetheless. It feels amazing knowing our little one is growing inside me. It feels so much more real now that I can feel her move and see my growing bump.

Symptoms: A few back aches here and there, but that's about it.

Exercise: I've done ok with exercise this week. I'm still running a few times a week and try to walk for 20 minutes if I can't fit anything else in, except for Sundays. I've only done the barre workout once, but I need to get back to that. I love walking in this glorious weather we've been having, but I have a harder time getting motivated to do push-ups and muscle intense movements. Ha! I'm a wimp at heart.

What I'm looking forward to: Moving into our new house and starting the nursery. I've found a few little things here and there. I cannot wait to pull the room design together. It has been a little harder than I thought to find things though. Apparently seafoam and coral aren't the most popular decor colors these days. We may have to make a lot of items, but that will be ok too.

Best moment of the week: Seeing our little girl for our 20 week ultrasound. (See above.)

Mood: Besides getting cranky when I'm tired (that's normal though), I feel so elated. I think I feel emotions with a bit more 
intensity these days, but it's hard to tell for sure. I'm usually an emotionally steady person, so I hope that doesn't really change much. 

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