Monday, February 3, 2014

14 week update

Sorry for the iphone photo! I haven't taken any real bump photos yet, because it's just not that noticeable...most of the time!

How big is baby: Navel Orange | 14 Weeks 3 days

How I'm feeling: I'm feeling wonderful for the most part. Eating pretty healthy and exercising helps a lot with my mood and energy level. I shot a 10+ hour wedding this past weekend with only a 10 minute break and I felt great.
Weight gain/loss: Maybe 2-5 lbs? I feel huge these days, but I've stayed pretty steady at 115 for the past month. 
Stretch marks: Nope!
Sleep: I love sleep! In the mornings I feel like I could sleep the whole day away! 
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: No cravings yet. It seems like my body isn't very fond of lots of carbs. I can definitely tell when I eat more sugar and carbs vs. veggies and protein. I'm going to try to be more strict about it from now on. I feel worlds better when I eat healthier. 
Movement: Nope. We can't wait to feel our little one move. Jonathan is especially anxious.
What I'm loving: I love knowing that our little one is with me all the time. Honestly, I forget that I'm pregnant quite a bit. After I eat a larger meal, I love to go look in the mirror at my little bump. Sometimes it looks like it's only a small pooch, but after I eat supper it normally shows up a bit more. I love thinking about how our little one is growing and changing. I guess seeing a more distinct bump makes it feel more real.
Symptoms: Just bloating still. Again, that seems to be directly related to how much carbs and sugar I ingest. I have a little back pain too, especially when I'm carting a bunch of photography equipment. I'm hoping some of the excursuses and stretches I'm doing will help.
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if baby is a boy or girl in just 2 weeks!!! We cannot wait! I'm also looking forward to more of a bump. The little pooch stage feels so awkward to me. I'm sure I'll wish for these days back again when I'm huge this Summer! However, my pants seem to be fitting better this week. Maybe it's because baby is moving farther up? I'm ok with it though!
Best moment of the week: When Jonathan says hi to me after coming home from work, and then says hi to the baby too. It's so sweet.
Things I'm struggling with: Honestly, the changes my body is going through can be a little hard to accept sometimes. Most women struggle with some body issues and I'm not exempt from them either. I'm trying to just let it go and love what's happening to me, regardless of how I feel when I look in the mirror sometimes or when I have trouble finding things to wear in my closet. I don't want to worry about it, but instead take care of myself and cherish this amazing journey. 

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