Friday, February 28, 2014

Nursery Inspiration | Oceanic Elegance

I'm so excited to have finally dreamed up some inspiration for baby Blair's nursery. Since neither Jonathan or I are very fond of pink hues, it was a little hard to think of something that would be suitable for a little baby girl's room. We definitely don't want to go overboard, but create a look that will transition well as she grows and will be easy to chance if we have more kids. I wanted to find something elegant, classic, clean and cheery as well. Figuring out which idea would be pretty easy and not too expensive either was also a challenge. After a few weeks of brainstorming, we finally settled on this inspiration.

I couldn't be more excited about her little nursery now. I'm not exactly sure what to call this moodboard, but I know the room will be mostly white on white with touches of seafoam and pale coral throughout. I hope to add hints of sea related decor but nothing too much. I'm pulling lots of inspiration from the Grecian coast, where you can find beautiful whitewashed limestone buildings everywhere. I already have quite a few things in a seafoam hue, and I'll shop around for the best deals on the rest! I think it may become my favorite room in our new house! I hope it will be a very calm and serene place for our little family.

After quite a while of feeling icky, I'm so glad to be able to prepare something sweet and exciting for our little one. I wake up everyday so thankful for her little life. One reason I love the ocean is because of it's vastness, depth and mystery. I cannot wait to be in this little room with my tiny little girl and teach her about the God who made it all. It is such a monumental privilege to help her see, that like the ocean, God is vast, deep and mysterious, but also immeasurably more than we can imagine. This I know: God has created her for a purpose. I'm honored to play a part in her story and watch it's beginnings unfold in this little room we're creating for her.


  1. (I just went back and read your first post and had a comment to make, but figured it would be seen here more likely than there. Ahem. ;)

    On book recommendations, I really can't walk by without mentioning BabyWise. My mother has always sworn by it (and she had six babies), and while I've no experience there yet, I know several other women who have found it to be an excellent resource. I know there is some controversy surrounding it, or people are afraid to follow the methods, but from what I've experienced, it works.
    Just thought I'd throw that out there - I hope it's of some assistance to you during this beautiful new season, and blessings on you and your lovely little lady! ;)

  2. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog through a friend of mine--love it! And I can't not say, just really quickly, no matter how you decide to parent, please feed your baby whenever she is hungry. THAT is where the controversy lies within babywise. Every baby is different. Every baby's metabolism is different. Every momma's milk is different. Some babes need to eat more frequently than others, some just need the comfort of knowing momma is there throughout the night. Listen to your baby, you cannot spoil her by answering her cries, feeding on demand, and just plain old loving the heck out of her, I promise ;) Congratulations!